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Keynote Address

The main component of the school visit is a keynote address, intertwined with songs that share the message of belonging and incorporate languages of the Torres Strait. I will share personal stories and how oral traditions have shaped who I am and how I interact with the world around me. By the time I was at school by the age of six, I spoke four languages Kalaw Kawaw Ya, Kala Lagaw Ya, Yumpla Tok, English. My experience of language learning came through the spoken word coupled with actions, gesture and song. I incorporate all of these in my teaching, openly empowering all of those present to share in my culture by inviting them to participate. This teaches belonging and the concept of Kaiymel (Together) in action.

Schools are invited to extend the invitation to all members of their community, including parents and staff members. This ensures a holistic approach to education that will translate in to greater outcomes in the broader community.

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