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‘Kaiymel’ means ‘together’ in both my father’s native tongue, Kala Lagaw Ya and my mother’s native tongue Kalaw Kawaw Ya. It is the title and concept of my current schools program. 


My career has been shaped by my passion for preserving and teaching my culture through the arts and my own language groups from the Torres Strait, Kalaw Kawaw Ya and Kala Lagaw Ya. I want to share this with young people, to share a message of togetherness and the concept of belonging. 


It is the message of togetherness that will inspire this new generation and our future leaders to see the importance of collectively embracing indigenous culture. I share a message of universal belonging to a connected culture that will see the preservation of First Nations languages and stories.


My school tours program has seen me travel to various areas around Australia, both regional and metropolitan, sharing stories and songs to thousands of students.


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